Is your child feeling hopeless, isolated and not their usual self?

Do any of these statements ring true about your teen or young adult?

  • Saying they hate themselves or their life
  • Saying they are worthless
  • Constantly feeling sad, anxious, or empty
  • Not coming out of their room or bed
  • Loss of interested in activities they used to enjoy
  • Crying all the time
  • No longer seeing friends
  • Complaining of aches, pains, stomachaches, headaches without a clear cause
  • Significant change in grades or school attendance
  • Trying to injure themselves
  • Talking about dying

If your teen or young adult is exhibiting two or more of these behaviors, or are just not acting like their usual self, they could be suffering from depression.

It is challenging and stressful to be a teen today. There is comparison and competition everywhere: in school, social media, on television and movies. Many teens feel that they do not measure up.

It is important that teens know they are not alone and there are people who can help.

Many teens find relief in realizing that their struggle does not have to own them and that there are options available to help them feel better. Some teens find therapy helpful, others need medication, or a combination of the two. But occasionally, there are teens and young adults that need specialized intensive treatment to overcome their depression.

If you are frightened about your teen’s depression, give me a call.