The Process

How does it work with an educational consultant?

1. Initial Consultation

The process begins with a phone interview to learn the basics of your current situation, offer options and guidance, explain the consultant's role, and make a suggested plan for next steps.

2. Student Profile

When you are ready to move forward, we ask that you fill out our confidential online profile to gather necessary background information and further details.

3. Appraisal and Evaluation

We will study the profile and ask clarifying questions. We may also request to see any recent testing and school transcripts. We may consult with other therapists, teachers or other professionals, should it be necessary.

4. Recommendation

We will contact schools and programs that we deems to be a quality fit for your student's situation. We will share the student profile and any testing so the schools may determine if they feel they can support your student's needs. If they have current openings, their contact information and website will be shared with parents. Final decisions are always that of the parent.

5. Progress Monitoring

During a student's stay in a residential program, We will be in regular contact with both the parents and the school or program to monitor student progress through daily, weekly, or monthly calls with school or program staff.

6. Aftercare planning and support

As student's prepare to graduate their school or program, plans are put in place to best support the student and family when a student comes home or enrolls in a new school. This may mean a new school, a new therapist, a mentor and or a parent coach. Each situation is assessed and individually planned.